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If you have written a book that deserves wider attention, why not self publish?

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You’ll find it easy to self publish (or indie publish as it’s sometimes known) with Intoprint’s help. It’s economic – compare our individual print copy prices with bigger rivals – and you don’t need to keep any stock (by using print on demand technology). Order only what you need so there are no big up-front bills. We quote and charge a one-off fee for the services you need in order to self publish.

As the author, you retain copyright and ownership of your book. Into Print becomes your production and distribution department, supplying ISBN, creating PDFs, ebook editions, sending out metadata, managing the print on demand service to booksellers and accounting to authors.

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Plan a self publish project

This web site contains information to help you plan your self publish project. Take a look at the case studies which show how other authors have been using this service since the early 2000s. The FAQs and articles (which we are adding to on a regular basis) will hopefully provide some of the answers to your questions. Get in touch by email or phone +44 (0)1604832149 and we’ll do our best to explain anything that’s unclear. Fill in our form to give us the information we need about your book and we’ll reply in writing with precise costings for your self publish project.

Importantly, there are no reasons to take big financial risks by buying lots of copies of your book. On the other hand, there are plenty of great reasons to get on and publish. Other parts of this website go into those reasons and how to do it professionally by working with experts like Into Print. In this way, every author can take advantage of modern book production and distribution systems.

These systems include the latest typesetting apps to design books that will be attractive, accessible and readable. The same software outputs print-ready artwork of the correct dimensions and resolution for the print on demand print presses.

These presses are in factories stationed around the world which will print and distribute your book to an ever-increasing audience of booksellers and their customers (readers).